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We are consultants providing services in the following fields:

1.ACOUSTICS(including Noise Control)

2.ARCHITECTURE(including Urban Design)

Acoustic Section is managed by Dr.Er.Kewal Pujara Mob:91-11- 9810616403.ALL ENQUIRIES ON WORK RELATED TO ACOUSTICS AND NOISE CONTROL MAY PLEASE BE REFERRED TO

Architecture Section is managed by Ar. Tina Pujara Mob:91-11- 9810506418.ALL ENQUIRIES ON ARCHITECTURE AND URBAN DESIGN MAY PLEASE BE REFERRED TO

Dr. Pujara is an engineer and an acoustician. A former professor of the Indian Institute of Technology New Delhi,he has his Ph.D. from the world famous Institute of Sound and Vibration Research in Southampton,England.His book on Vibrations and Noise has been used by professionals since 1972 and has gone over many editions.He has guided many Ph.D. projects on Vibrations and Noise.

Dr. Pujara has done many an acoustic design of spaces (like auditoria),Vibration & Noise control of machinery (including enclosure design) and Environmental Impact of Projects.He would welcome work and collaborative proposals in the above and related aspects of Acoustics.

Ar. Tina Pujara has a B.Arch. and an M.A. degree in Urban Design from the School of Architecture of National University of Singapore.She has worked with Arcop Associates,with Mohit Gujral and with Al Karma.She has done Editing work with the journal A+D and redone the residence of the Managing Director of Sir William Consultants.She has been doing project work with the IIT.She has original publications to her credit.


Reverberation Time is by far the most important parameter in the design of acoustic spaces.There is an accepted range of reverberation time associated with the proper perfomance for each of the desired functions of acoustic space being designed.

Reverberation Time(RT)of a space is the time for the sound intensity in it to decay to its millionth value that is by 60 dB.